Roof Cleaning

Keeping roofs clean not only keeps them looking great but can extend their life. A clean roof let more light into greenhouses and clean solar panels have a lot better improving efficiency.

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Drones are the perfect machines for cleaning roofs. We can operate on roofs that others cant work with such as sensitive cladding such as concrete tiling, greenhouses, industrial buildings, anything that we can fly over! No scaffolding or complex health and safety means we can be a lot more affordable than traditional methods.

Our autonomous spray system ensures a full coverage at the perfect dosage required depending on the level of infestation. This accuracy also means we end up with less runoff and less chemical usage overall.

The products we apply can kill moss, mould, lichen and liverwort killing them in a matter of days. However, depending on how bad the roof is it could take up to a few months to weather off naturally. The standard product we use is a highly effective chlorine free moss killer that we buy in bulk to keep it affordable. We also stock an organic product that is citrus based.

We can spray any time of the year although in summer it is best to wait for a cooler day to allow better soaking into the moss/lichen.

The low noise level of our machine means that we are able to operate easily in urban areas or around livestock without any issue.

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Solar cell panel. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons


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