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We operate out of Christchurch and serve the wider Canterbury area.

Our drone is equipped with spray nozzles and a Seeding attachment that allows us to do a range of jobs. UAVs are best suited to hard to reach areas such as hills, wet/sensitive ground, rooftops or areas with hazards such as trees and power wires. We are open to new ideas so if you can think of a new or novel application we would love to talk further.

Depending on the job we can either charge by the hour (flight time only) or by area. For patchy areas we can be more economical than traditional operators as we only spray what is needed saving money and chemical.

We can use customer supplied chemical or can provide chemical if required.

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Control hard to reach areas and reclaim your land. We can do blanket spraying across larger areas or more delicate precision spot spraying.

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We can control a wide range of weeds including:

UAVs are an efficient, low-impact way to protect your plants. Drones can operate in wet and boggy areas and avoid compacting the soil. Using GPS pre programming we can ensure an even coverage and flow rate.

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Using our JetSeed attachment we can apply seeds or other granules aerially. This is perfect for hilly areas, canopy seeding or overseeding. Along with seeds we can also apply other granules such as fertilizers and herbicides. Using GPS and sensors we can ensure an even application

Drones are the perfect machines for cleaning roofs and other hard to reach areas. We can apply efficiently apply moss and mold remover without scaffolding and over complicated health and safety regulations

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Whitewash application/Removal

We have done a number of jobs applying whitewash to glass house roofs to limit the sunlight on sensitive plants. The spread was a lot more even than manual application