Crop Spraying

Plant protection is essential for maximizing yield and ensuring a high quality product. With our drones we can spray with no crop or land damage.

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Drones are the perfect machines for aerial crop protection. After surveying your fields we can create very accurate spray plans. Our drones are GPS/RTK equipped and work autonomously meaning we can guarantee a precision application. Our drones are able to operate in a swarm operation and at night further increasing efficiency.

Drone application has no crop or land damage which means you can maximize your crop yield.

Our propellers provide the perfect level of downwards pressure meaning we can get maximum plant penetration. Our pumps are very accurate, we can program an exact water rate per hectare. Our machines are equipped with atomizing nozzles that have variable droplet sizes, on days with little wind we can get a very small droplet size for maximum coverage while minimizing spray drift.

We can achieve a spray rate of up to 10 hectares per hour (depending on the water rate). This is because we have a very efficient operation that maximizes the time the drone is in the air. We have multiple batteries on charge and multiple spray containers that are filled using a pump to avoid chemical contact.

We charge by the hectare for broad acre application. Contact us now to get a quote or request a demo.

See our drone in action on a broccoli crop in North Canterbury: