About us

Revolutionizing Aerial Spraying

Drone Spray was founded in Christchurch in 2021 by Jono Scott. Spraying by drone is something he has always though was a ‘good idea’ and has decided to make it a reality. And with that ‘Drone Spray’ was born. This comes with perfect timing as agricultural drone technology has fully matured. We are committed to bringing the latest in agricultural UAV technology and using it to do what we do best, spray by drone.

Why drone spraying? We love the number of benefits that spraying by drone provides. Weeds such as gorse in tricky areas can be controlled before they become a huge problem, we minimize chemical and fossil fuel usage and they are incredibly safe.

We utilize XAG drones, the leading agricultural drones worldwide. We chose these drones because XAG specializes in this area, and they do it the best. The XAG system not only allows us to spray manually but offers automated spraying from a surveyed maps. This greatly extends the area we can spray while maintaining pinpoint accuracy.

Since starting we have discovered a number of different applications we didn’t know existed. We are always keen to try new things and push the boundaries of what our machines can do. Check out our full list of services. If you have any ideas or want a demo of our drone in action get hold of us.

Manual drone spraying over cliff