Drone Spray's new P100 Pro has arrived!

Drone Spray is delighted to announce that our first XAG P100 Pro has arrived.

The largest and newst drone XAG has produced, the P100 Pro drone is bigger, faster and more efficient than the previous model, meaning we can do more in less time for our customers. The P100 Pro was only released in April this year and Drone Spray is one of the first drone spraying companies in New Zealand to deploy these for the local agriculture industry.

With its bigger payload, 50 litres of liquid or 80 litres of solid fertiliser or seeds, the P100 Pro’s capability has increased by 25% over the P100. The P100 Pro also has a faster top speed of 13.8 m/s (46.8 kmh) and so is able to do more in less time.